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To The Grégoire
Franchise System!


Your small neighborhood restaurant serving up crave-worthy flavors as easy as prep and serve. No culinary experience required!


"I've been going here for a decade - it's one of the best sandwich places in the country. Every sandwich is delicious."

Ann Koppuzha

"The potato puffs have been and still are a staple of Berkeley food. You need to absolutely try them if you haven’t, as they are a life-changing experience every human being must try at least one in their life."

Peek the Ankylosaurus

What's in the box?

Our patented hexagonal boxes are known around town.


French-trained Chef Grégoire Jacquet was dissatisfied working at five-star, Michelin-rated restaurants around the world. Craving independence, he left fine dining to venture off on his own.

In 2002, Jacquet transformed the tradition of carryout food by opening the first high-end takeout restaurant—called Grégoire—just around the corner from the renowned Chez Panisse in the heart of Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto.

Twenty years later, having thrived through both a recession and a pandemic, Grégoire is a neighborhood institution and the home of the famous potato puff.


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