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The best food you can get in a box.

Grégoire offers a food experience like no other with its unique rotating menu and consistently fantastic housemade recipes. We combine our thoughtful cuisine with genuinely welcoming customer service in a takeout restaurant business model.

We can say there is no other franchise model like Grégoire because it’s true.

This is a chef-driven concept that offers a very different product. We are passionate about the food we serve and sharing it with our local communities.

Chef Grégoire Jacquet takes the time to foster relationships with community vendors and local farms in order to develop the finest and freshest recipes. His team is tight-knit and has low turnover, in strong part due to the empowering independent spirit of the business. Everyone involved gets to contribute to its overall excellence and success.

Prep and Serve

Grégoire’s pre-planned menu changes quarterly to reflect the seasonal availability of ingredients so our recipes come alive with traditional and exciting flavors. All food is prepared at the Grégoire Culinary Hub to make it easy for franchise owners to create the authentic Grégoire experience.

As a Grégoire franchise owner, you will focus on:

  • Building relationships within your community to promote the Grégoire brand and your new restaurant

  • Growing a personally and professionally rewarding business

  • Cooking and assembling prepared foods received from the Grégoire Culinary Hub

  • Welcoming and serving customers from your community through a takeout and catering business model

As a Grégoire franchise owner, the relationships you create with your staff, customers, community, and the Grégoire family will be at the heart of what you do, all executed through a shared passion for food and customer service.

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An Established Brand

Over two decades, the Grégoire brand became a local institution.

Everyone can identify our patented,
one-of-a-kind hexagonal box.


Our potato puffs have a cult following.


Every order

looks great with our branded takeaway bags and rotating sticker collection.


Our buttermilk fried chicken is legendary.


The Right Tools for the Right Jobs

Chef Jaquet believes in the streamlined efficiency that comes with the use of topline technologies. Grégoire was developed with a commitment to automate as much of the business operations as possible.

Franchise owners will utilize the Grégoire Culinary Hub software system to guide essential functions such as production, availability, delivery, invoicing, and more.

We proudly utilize:

  • Revel Systems POS

  • Marketman Inventory Software

  • Como Loyalty and Rewards System

  • Grégoire iOS & Android Mobile App

  • Dolce Scheduling Software

Support Along the Way

Strong relationships are the key to good business.

Strong relationships are the key to good business.

Chef Jacquet and his team are committed to supporting Grégoire franchise owners in a way that makes them feel like family – because they are. The essence of the Grégoire brand is found in the relationships at its base and throughout the franchise network.

Chef Jacquet takes pride in his long-term employees, vendors, and suppliers, placing great value on loyalty and dedication.

Chef Jacquet's relationship with Grégoire franchise owners will be no different. The Grégoire franchise program rollout has been strategically designed so franchise owners can benefit from training by Chef Jacquet himself. Training will include initial and ongoing support in operations, marketing, and technology.


Our Core Values






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