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Unique Bay Area Locations

The Grégoire Franchise Program is developing the most sought-after and unique locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

A Local, Slow Growth…

​Wherever you establish your Grégoire restaurant, you will have:


  • Direct access to the founder

  • Excellent initial and ongoing training

  • Decades of restaurant & hospitality experience

  • Access to trademarked and branded material

  • Actionable real estate, architecture, and construction knowledge

Future Grégoire culinary hub to support Bay Area Franchises

…For a Cutting-Edge,
Food-Centric Franchise…

​Your nearby Grégoire Culinary Hub ensures you have:


  • The best food. All food is prepared, quality controlled, and portioned at your local Grégoire Culinary Hub

  • Easy access to support, fresh ingredients, and timely training

  • Our software that makes it easy to process food orders, supplies, and keep an up-to-date inventory

…Dedicated to Quality and Customer Service…

  • High-end offerings from natural or organic ingredients

  • Ingredients sourced from local organic farms

  • Food is prepared using French cooking techniques

  • Seasonal (quarterly) menu changes are unique and sought after by the customer

  • Grégoire app with simple and stable online ordering and rewards


…In the Best Possible Location!

A Grégoire restaurant has a uniquely small footprint (500 to 800 sq ft) making for a high return on investment.


  • Estimated total initial investment: $298,924 to $420,100

  • Perfectly tailored for ghost kitchen

  • Carry out 75-80% of expected business

  • Strong AUV (40%) for higher profit margin

We are expanding into the following California counties:

  • San Francisco

  • Napa

  • Marin

  • Solano

  • Contra Costa 

  • Alameda

  • San Mateo

  • Santa Clara

  • Santa Cruz

  • and more to come

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